Nov 5th, 2021

True “Testimonials”

“[Hearing] losingteeth made my stomach jiggle.” - Chris H.

“Ugh not losing teeth!” - Kendra H.

wtf’s this?

this is my “i’m pretty sure all my friends are tired of listening to my various hyperfixations, so i’m going to scream into a narcissistic, selfish void/The Internet” site.

creative diary

I like to make things. Sometimes I sell them, but usually it’s just something for myself or to try a new hobby. I like sharing my beginner projects, even if they’re not very good.

game play reports and other game bits

I’m recent to gamemastering and I’d like to continue doing so! I’m a sucker for a good one-page dungeon, adventure module, or game, and I’d love to try my hand at designing some of my own (and longer things too!).

I also seek out solitaire and solo games (tabletop, card, board game, print and play, etc). Some of them are recorded on my Tascam. I might post them?

everything else

I have a ridiculous amount of hobbies and interests, so I’m sure they’ll pop up.

why tf?

  • I want to document my hobbies and “fun” projects without feeling guilty about it.
  • I want to practice website and computering skills.
  • I wouldn’t mind talking to other people who are into similar things as I am.

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