ttrpg kits


All of my packs include:

Anything I mentioned below that's available on Itch I've included in this collection.

  1. One game system (so far I've used Cairn, DURF, World of Dungeons, and Tunnel Goons)
  2. 1-2 adventure or adventure-making tool (Hexcrawls for DURF, Cairn's Adventurer's Guide, Funnel Goons, Skyblind Spire)
  3. Game notebook with blank isometric and blank hex grids.
  4. Polyhedral dice cheatsheet (Google Doc)
  5. Dice
  6. A bookmark to explain the kit. I considered making a lil pocketmod-style zine but Tam made this cool bookmark instead.
  7. 6"x9" baggies

Do you have any questions? Need more ideas on resources or think something on here is unnecessary? I'm also always down for more adventure suggestions! I'm also trying to put together sci-fi-flavored kits and Spanish language kits. Tell me what you think!