Never coloring again

Nov 19th, 2021

I’m never coloring (with colored pencils) again.

To be fair, coloring can be meditative, and it was that for like, maybe the first hour or so. Ahh, how I miss that hour. I am close to down now though! Only 3.5 more Marauders ships to go. Both fleets (also got Xenos) look all right.

I’m just glad I’m only doing this coloring thing to keep this hobby’s price tag as close to $0 as possible while I figure out I even like the hobby. I really appreciate OnePageRules providing free rules and game aids. I’d like to maybe have a friend 3d print some ships for me if I do enjoy the game, but I have so many damned (sometimes overlapping) hobbies that I really have to consider any possible new financial sink. I already bought an airbrush for no reason…

REally cool picture

Currently taking a break from coloring and trying to build a fleet or two while flipping between the web app and my printout. I’m trying to build 200pt fleets for a possible solo campaign. I also have some 300pt fleets too. I had to search in the OPR Discord to figure out how tf to buy squadrons. Even knowing the answer now, I have no idea how the answer is gotten from the way it’s worded in the rules.

Have I mentioned that I’m wondering how I could possibly add narrative components, and whether I should take some tips from solo TTRPGs to do something similar with Warfleets. But I also don’t think I need to overcomplicate playing my first game, which hasn’t even happened yet.

A friend told me I should find myself some photo mounting spray to adhere the ship illustrations to cardboard, instead of the water-based glue I was planning on using. It’s on my list of things to try, but for now, I’m crossing my fingers that the 110lb cardstock will withstand the Mod Podge and not wrinkle.