Thoughts on Solo Mothership and Micro RPG

Nov 26th, 2021

random mothership rpg solo thoughts

  • I could prob run the Haunting of Ypsilon-14 module solo and it’d help me get a better handle of 0e’s rules so I’m not floundering so much the next time I run it.
  • I’d love to support an indie developer and get the 3rd party solo rules for Mothership, Lone Star by Parts Per Million, but after dropping $ on the Mothership 1e Kickstarter, I’m not really looking to spend more $ on Mothership, at least until next year. XD
  • Honestly, I shouldn’t even think of running Mothership solo as an exercise for learning the rules better, since I will happily switch over to 1e when the PDFs are made available. I think they said shortly after the end of the Kickstarter in December so that will be soon. I should think about playing it solo so I can have some fun!

other solo game updates:

Micro Sci-Fi RPG

  • I rolled up a character and got started with my first room using Micro Sci-fi RPG: Quickstart Edition, which comes with rules and starting adventure.
  • Now that I’m home, I’m gonna rearrange my scrap paper notes into 1. a better character sheet and 2. an actual map on graph paper instead of a note that says “18 squares” lol. From what I can tell, I only need the size of the room to know whether I make ranged attacks.
  • I’m confused about combat. What’s the point of having multiple enemies if I’m only receiving damage from one enemy at a time? Just to add variability to the amount of enemy LF I gotta knock down?

Session notes

My character, Max, has entered the Lab Office to encounter 3 Ravenous Blood-Infected Lab Assistants. Max tsks at obvious abuse of unpaid labor, assuming these are poor interns overworked and left behind by the rest of the staff after whatever happened here.

So, assuming Max can only attack one at a time, I’ve been just targeting one at a time, but then I’m only really receiving damage from one, ever? I mean, does that actually make sense? Are there other rules that I’m missing that explains this? Am I overthinking?

I damaged one lab assistant to the point that they only had 1 LF left. I did 2 damage, but bc I’m only targeting 1, I killed them off, and “lost” that 1 remaining damage. I now have 2 Lab Assistants left to kill, each with their full 5 LF.

That’s where I left off before dinner last night.

Edit on 2021-11-27: I watched this actual play of a Micro RPG adventure and yes, I was over-thinking the combat. It really is that simple.