Last minute holiday gifts to myself

Jan 8th, 2022

Gifts to myself

Hull Breach for Mothership RPG

I couldn’t resist the Hull Breach Kickstarter, and backed the Executive edition which includes a bunch of legalese and contracts for Mothership. Honestly, I’m backing it just for that… but I’m excited about the actual anthology of adventures and GM aids. And! There’s a stretch goal to create conversions between other TBD sci-fi RPGs. I’m hoping for Stars Without Number and Traveller.

Stars Without Number Bundle of Holding

SWN came back around on Bundle of Holding so I swooped up the whole SWN bundle including Suns of Gold, Syward Steel, and other books to expand SWN game tools. That space exploration campaign idea has been percolating in the back of my mind and this will be more inspo.


I did it, I went for the Deluxe tier! I haven’t gone through the Preview PDF yet since I have SWN and Cepheus Engine to go through still.

Future campaigns

Sci-fi exploration

I’ve been trying to gain interest in a space opera and/or exploration-style sci-fi game among my Internet friends and I think it might happen. It’s still just in the brainstorming stage. I don’t have a hook or setting or anything yet. I’m kind of stuck on what system to use, though I’m leaning towards Cepheus, which is free. Or if I really wanna do Classic Traveller, the facsimile edition is only $1 on DriveThruRPG. Now that I have Starforged, I could consider using that for a group? Or if I can get over my (admittedly irrational) distaste over D&D/d20, I could use SWN for more than just the GM tools.

Mothership RPG

Some non-Internet friends are interested in a sci-fi horror campaign and don’t you know it, I just invested almost a couple hundred on a sci-fi horror RPG… We’re gonna start with a one-shot and see what happens from there!