Preparing to jump (Session 0 of Plerion Sky) (Solo play report)

Dec 9th, 2022

Plerion Sky

  • No GM’s Sky (DriveThruRPG) - Both the Cepheus/Traveller and the Uncharted Worlds versions helped me put this together.
  • Plerion (itch) - Plerion is a sci-fi hack of Cairn. May add/merge Astromancy from Monolith (itch) (another sci-fi Cairn hack) with Plerion’s psionics. Who knows!
  • Booklet I made and printed out to use specifically for my campaign, including blank pages for notes.

Personal Log 0: Preparing to jump

We made our way to Gateway Station, at the far edge of colonized space, where we stayed for months to be outfitted with new Corpo-Military ship modules: passenger quarters for the four military corps members we’re obliged to bring with us, a lab for the xenologist coming aboard, and The Sphere. Well, the Jump Core: The blasted thing that had to pick me, out of a billion people, to “attune” to.

Jeinifer is worried about being found out. She’s already been exiled once from her homeworld (those superstitious asses). So doesn’t seem to care so much, but I think they’re just hiding it well. Mara is convinced the marines are looking down at her for being a washed out cop. And me? I love being out here. But 40 parsecs away from known space? The 12000 creds we’re getting each wouldn’t be enough to tempt me out there.

But we don’t have much of a choice, do we? We’ve been drafted into service.

Major Plateau seems like a hard-ass. Gotta watch out for him. He’s up there in the corpo-military hierarchy. The xenologist (Khorie Regele) is a fucking dame of all things. Rich people are insane. Nobody in their right mind would want to go out that far into the black. Lt. Etra Bates and Drew Fram seem all right, just some blue collar kids… though Mara doesn’t like Lieutenant Bates, thinks he’s uncanny. So is annoyed that she’s been boosted out of nav-controls, but the nav info is proprietary information owned and protected by the corporation, a matter of corpo-military security, and Lt Bates is the one who has to be plugged into it. I think Major Plateau has access as well.

The Cardinal is filled to the brim. No room for any cargo. This is strictly a missing persons search. Another lost “attuned” person. And of course, the valuable Sphere too. I suppose I should feel okay… if we get lost out there, they’ll send someone to look for me too. How kind of them, to search for their prized property.

  • Bennes

Mission Log 1: The first jump

0800 - 334

Thank God the random jump got us into a star system instead of empty space.

  • Any evidence of missing person?
  • Get more fuel
  • How long til we detect the organisms on our ship, and the problems they cause?