Barely formed thoughts about my solo gaming

Dec 26th, 2022

Between reading through Solo Game Master’s Guide and the Starforged books the last month, I feel like I might actually understand how I want my solo games to go. Some questions I should ask myself before picking a game to play for a session:

  • What’s my mood? What do I want to explore or discover?
  • Am I more interested in: discovering a location, narrative surprises, and/or creating character and relationships?
  • How random do I want my session to go? Randomize or not?: character, backstory, motivations, adventure site, setting, dungeon mapping, etc.
  • Is there a certain procedure I am interested in trying?

Things I’d like to continue to do more of:

  • Getting excited about the ideas I come up with! Less doubt about what the better choice is.
  • Walking away whenever I’m bored, even if I only did some thinking. This is just a game. I have no obligation to continue it.

Things I need to work on:

  • Don’t start thinking too many steps or story beats ahead. The dice might change circumstances that might make the story not come to pass. Keep to establishing maybe one extra step past a dice roll before moving on.
  • I keep getting ideas for new campaigns. I’m still thinking about whether I want this to stop. It’s just for fun, right? So why does it matter if I have a bunch of unfinished stories?