Crew clashes, ship castaways, and undetected lifeforms (Session 1 of Plerion Sky) (Solo play report)

Dec 28th, 2022

Plerion Sky session report

idk how to format these from my notes to a blog post yet, what I care about recording for my own posterity and how much I care if other ppl understand what’s going on

Clashes, Castaways, and Creatures

Session date: 12/27-12/28

Pressure Point: 10

Who’s awake:


  • Bennes - Attuned pilot


  • Major Rafe Plateau - “supervising”
  • Lt. Etra Bates - navigation, proprietary corporate/military info

System info:

  • Tiny world. Thin, tainted atmo, little water.
  • Asteroids
  • Gas giant

Actual play

Bennes wants to wake up either Sol for more extended comms, sensor readings, etc. or Dame Regele xenologist for planet info or both.

  • Bennes vs. Major Rafael Platt - opposed WIL, roll under as high as you can. Bennes fails 15, Major Platt succeeds 2.

Dame Regele brought to bridge.

  • has missing person been here? PP 10, result 1. Yes and…

Options: clear evidence of heading and purpose, or station or away team still here.

  • Oracle: Pluck unity.

Away team from missing ship still here, they are separated from the missing ship, who supposedly abandoned away team planetside, no communication. Bennes and Major Platt wonder why the away team got left behind.

No GM’s Sky provided a situation of lifeforms from the planet making it onto the ship. While Dame and Major addressed the Away team…

Does Dame Regele detect non-away team lifeforms on the planet? They haven’t caused noticeable damage yet. PP 10, 19. omg no, and… they get on the ship. Distracted by finding live humans, Dame Regele doesn’t detect the other lifeforms on the planet before they get on the ship (via communications channels somehow?). Created creature detection clock and clock until creature damages one ship module.

Bennes gets Jeinifer and Sol working on mysterious damage to ship module, and to figure out fueling logistics, while Mjr Platt, Dame Regele, and Away Team communicate with each other.

Who’s Doing What Now


  • Bennes - Attuned pilot
  • Jeinifer & Sol on repairs and fueling


  • Major Rafe Platt
  • Dame Regele - xenologists, previous Away Team members
  • Lt. Etra Bates


Waxy, hard-skinned lifeforms with a powerful thirst for water. Can travel via communications channels?

  • Detected 0/3
  • Disable one ship module 1/5

Fueling up at gas giant logistics?

  • house rule for fuel supply: usage die roll for when we get into planetary system.
    • d4, result: 2, we did not use up all our fuel. we didn’t need to for first jump, we always knew we had enough to start? idk.
  • house rule: up fuel’s usage die to d6? i should prob decide max usage die size for my fuel tank or whatever.

Name changes:

  • So -> Sol
  • Major Plateau to Major Platt