Grimbo Grotto by Goblins Henchman

Grimbo Grotto converted by June Owatari for use with Cairn. I mostly used the Cairn bestiary, a little bit of Basic Fantasy, and a teeny amount of guessing to find creature stats.

Download .md here.

Download .odt creature encounter sheet here (with Cairn stats).

0. Between Town and the Old Abbey

Brother Olf

5 HP, 12STR, 14 DEX, 12 WIL; skinning knife 1d6; when transformed: antlers (d6+d6), bite (d8)

  • rude, drunk, red face
  • wearing a batskin cape

1. Chimney Entrances

Psychoactive Mushrooms/Spores

  • Hallucinations: Fail a STR save, gain disadvantage to WIL saves for 1d6 rounds, gain Hallucinating condition in inventory slot

2. Mushroom Harvesting Operation


4HP, 8STR, 12 DEX, 8 WIL; jingle bells 1d6; dagger d6

  • 1/3 change that they are hallucinating
  • Lookout Gnome: carries jingle bells as early alert system against bat cloak, can be used as club
  • Outfit: mushroom hunting slippers with curled up toes, bells on the end, brightly colored tunics and leggings, jingling bells all over, which makes Brother Olf’s batwing cloak smelly
  • Sneaking in the Dark: has advantage unless wearing jingly bells

3. Processing Room

Candy Cane Golem

16HP, 2 Armor, 15STR, 6 DEX, 2 WIL, fists d10

  • if destroyed, reforms eventually and carries out previous orders
  • cumulative 1% chance that elemental spirit will break free and go on a rampage each combat round

4. Present Wrapping Area

Wrapping Monster

9HP, 15STR, 6DEX, 8WIL, ribbon and string tentacles d4+d4; swallow 1d6

  • Can latch and wrap opponent, dragging them 10ft closer
  • Critical damage: Wrap and squeeze opponent to gobble ‘em up.

5. Undead Dinner

Giant Putrid Gravy-Spewing Undead Turkey

4 HP, 12 STR, 6 WIL; wings and thighs d4+d4+d4+d4; drown 1d6

  • crit dmg from drowning: the turkey entraps the victim within its slippery and capacious innards. paralyzed and loses 1d8 DEX; moves onto another target
  • thighs are blunt force damage, wings are slashing damage
  • drown in rotten gravy: STR save to keep footing or slip and fall
  • weak against “carving”-style attacks

6. Brother Olf’s Familiar

  • Steaming pile of fresh meat in the corner, as if Olf had just fed his familiar

Large Polar Cat

5HP, 12STR, 12DEX, bite d10, claws 1d6+1d6

  • always chases prey that flees

7. O Christmas Tree

  • 1 in 6 chance there’s a Brother here
  • a red and white furred jacket lies draped over an armchair

  • d4+1 mimics, 2d4 baby mimics, d4 mini-cloakers posing as wrapped gifts and holiday sweaters

Missing Tree Ent Balsam

8HP, 1 Armor, 15STR, 8DEX, fists d6+d6, gaudy trinkets 1d4

  • sleepy after being tied up for so long
  • weak against fire

1d4+1 Mimics

9HP, 2 Armor, 13 STR, 12 WIL, bite d6

  • shaped as differently-sized, gaudily wrapped boxes
  • thick slimy adhesive that can stick creatures or items
  • released from glue only when mimic is killed

2d4 Baby-Mimics

4HP, 6 STR, 6 DEX, 6 WIL, bite 1dmg

1d4 Mini-Cloakers

2HP; 1 Armor; 1 bite 1d6; crush 1d4+1d4

  • gaudy, hand-knit woollen sweaters
  • critical damage: sweater arms can wrap around the target and crush for ….

8. Living Quarters

  • if he hasn’t made an appearance yet, then Olf is definitely hear

1d8 Were-reindeer Druids/Priests

3 HP, 8 STR, 14 DEX, 12 WIL, bite (d4+d4) or weapon (d6), missile toes

  • Missile-toes: WIL save or have the inexplicable urge to kiss the toe slinger. Making the save leaves both parties feeling socially awkward and you may not target each other for the next round.
  • Brothers Pran, Dan, Don, Dash, Vix, Blitz, Co, and Cu

Beast Olf

5 HP, 12STR, 14 DEX, 12 WIL; skinning knife 1d6; when transformed: antlers (d6+d6), bite (d8)

  • drink-affected bulbous nose expands, swells, becomes redder… some might even say it glows
  • wearing a batskin cape, big black boots of leaping, wide buckled belt
  • Large black sack: Olf can pull 1d4 articulated constructs wrapped as gifts out

1d4 Articulated constructs

4HP, 8STR, 12 DEX, 8 WIL, bite 1d4